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Plan B From Beyond - UFO Game v1.001


Requirements: 2.0.1+
Overview: Plan B From Beyond, UFO's, The Army, and cows makes best of bad sci-fi!!
Plan B From Beyond is a 3D action game. It has a unique story about aliens, invasion, and UFO's. You are an alien who has been sent to Earth, in your UFO, to collect cows for your invading army. You are armed with your UFO, weapons and a vortex. Your mission is to collect as many cows as possible using your UFO's tractor beam and tossing them into the vortex. Don't worry if you set the cows on fire, aliens love a good barbecue! In Plan B From Beyond, you gain power up cubes by collecting cows that are on fire. Your alien army sends the cubes to you through the vortex. Some power ups are activated by shooting them while others are collected using your tractor beam. There are 4 seasons, in which you must collect cows and stay alive. Each season has 10 levels, 1 bonus level and 1 boss fight. As you play the game, you face increasing resistance from humans and their army. There are opportunities to upgrade your UFO's armor, weapons, and speed. These upgrades help you in your quest to collect cows. Make the most of your time, and avoid being killed, your alien army is counting on you. While you progress though the game, your progress will be saved and you will gain achievements. Your device can be set up for 5 game players and each will collect their own achievements. As you play through, you will need all the weapons at your disposal to defeat the human army. Plan B From Beyond will keep you entertained for hours with 48 levels of game play.



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Title:Plan B From Beyond - UFO Game v1.001


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