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Football Precision Passer v1.1


Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Firmly in the Quarterbacks’ helmet test your accuracy and vision against the world with Precision Passer.
Challenge the world with an online score board you can see exactly how you matchup against everyone else!


In this game of skill you will really need to bring the a-game to achieve the high scores. You will be highly rewarded with combo bonuses for stringing completions together. Strategy is the key to big scores - it’s not all about the long bombs!

Highly accurate throwing mechanics take away the frustration of flick passing games. You will use a combination of timing, accuracy and power to hit the targets.

Progressive difficulty will ensure the challenge of getting the high scores will keep you coming back for more. With every touchdown you score you will be challenged with increasing numbers of defenders and the targets will speed up. Adjust your throws to ensure the ball is not swatted away!

Included is a bonus game mode recreating the original BOOM FOOTBALL CHALLENGE in stunning 3D. Requiring a keen eye to hit the long throws you will need to keep a close watch on the wind meter to ensure your throw is adjusted to counteract it taking the ball off course.

• Drive for touchdowns and combo bonuses
• Full 3D environment and accurate physics
• Online scoreboard will let you see how good you really are!
• Accurate throwing mechanics.
• A bonus classic mode recreates the original BOOM game in stunning 3D






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Title:Football Precision Passer v1.1


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