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Oven Break v1.0.0



Run Gingerbread man, Run!! OvenBreak! Gingerbread man’s grand escape adventure!! Once you start running, you can’t stop!!

Our crunchy cookie hero, Gingerbread man, wakes in the witch’s magic oven. Help him break out of the oven !

Get as far as the stars, slide under creamy traps, jump over holes, hook your candy cane into helpful objects!

It all looks cute, but don’t forget: you are running for your life. Don’t die on a plate, next to a glass of milk.

The whole world plays Ovenbreak: now, it’s your turn!

Feature Highlights
✔ Collect Jelly Beans!
- Basic Jelly Bean : Get a higher score.
- Alphabet Jelly Bean : Complete the word “FREEDOM” and gain bonus life and extra points.
- Super Jelly Bean : Get 2,000 super points.

✔ Addictive and super easy controls!
- Slide (right button) : Slide under large obstacles
- Jump (left button) : Jump over collapsed paths.
- Jump/swing (right button) : Press the right button while jumping, Gingerbread man will swing up his candy cane

✔ Various Modes
Play from easy mode to hard mode, and enjoy the special infinite mode~
NOTE: There are different graphics for different modes. See how they’re different as you run from the kitchen to space!

Experience the grand escape of whole new OvenBreak right now!



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Title:Oven Break v1.0.0


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