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Invasion USA - Premium v1.1.3


The Aliens have arrived! And all they want is your corn! Defend your fields with the old corn chopper and tinkered arsenal to spoil the blue men’s appetite for popcorn! Make Redneck Pops proud and welcome your new friends from outer space… the Texan way!
 •Splendidly spaced out runner action with oddball Rednecks and cuddly Aliens
 •Wild hounding with thresher and tinkered arsenal
 •Countless weapons against Ufos and blue noses
 •Little Aliens, hoggish Aliens and explosive Aliens crowd your back
 •Tuning upgrades for the hottest and deadliest vehicle in the universe
 •Alien and Redneck gadgets for more fun on the fields
 •Funky levels for the endless Alien hunt
 •Dozens of achievements and challenges for the toughest harvest hands
 What's in this version: (Updated : Aug 7, 2012)
•Added full Facebook integration (brag with your score and compete with your friends)
 •Added screenshot save and share functionality
 •Added new high score logic
 •Added Immersion haptic technology
 •Improved memory consumption (should be running on Droid X2 and other critical devices now)
 •Minor bugfixes & improvements
 Required Android O/S : 2.1+






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Title:Invasion USA - Premium v1.1.3


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