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Critter Escape v2.0


ESCAPE! Race through top secret labs, sneak past guards and evade capture as you find your way out of Welk Industries' classified Muck Testing Facility. Do your part for Muck-kind and help guide this lively little critter to freedom. And don't forget to take out a few Welk goons while you're at it!
Critter Escape is a fast-paced Maze Chase game developed for iOS and Android by Kiz Studios. The hero is a clever little Muck Critter who is fleeing the diabolical experiments of Welk Industries’ Muck Science Division. Players must guide the critter safely out of Welk Tower, navigating dangerous traps while avoiding the watchful eye of the Welk Guard.

 •Fast-paced 3D Maze Chase Game
 •120+ Levels with 10 Distinct Environments
 •Includes Easy Line-Draw Controls & Classic Arcade Controls
 •Unique Challenges, Bonus Levels, & Hidden Content
 Required Android O/S : 2.1+


What's New
What's in this version:
Version 2.0
- New Holiday Update!
- Gift Box containing 5 crystals added to every level.
- Added new customization with holiday theme.
- Various bug fixes



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Title:Critter Escape v2.0


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