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Another Dream v2.1.4

Game description: Another dream presents FRESH and INNOVATIVE approach to casual gaming. Amazing, magical world combined with UNIQUE gameplay creates incredible mix of excitement and playability. No advertisement, no in app payments, full gameplay for FREE. You decide if the game is good enough and your choice will you donate us with a dolar or more. You decide how much the game is worth for you! We wont talk much here about a game, you have to enter ANOTHER DREAM land and feel this amazing atmosphere by yourself! You want a review? "Everything from twisted and abstract artwork to lulling music will make you feel as if you’re one step away from a dream. Miss out on this app? Don’t even dream about it." ***** AppAdvice ***** Oh, alright if you are not yet convinced there is a detailed description: Easy to play? The game is about connecting elements appearing on the screen by drawing a dream line through elements of the same type. The longer the line and more elements you got in one move the more mana points you get. For collected mana you can visit fantasy stall and learn many powerfull spells. Later in the game you can also enchant those spells to make them even stronger.

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Title:Another Dream v2.1.4


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