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Catch the Coins v1.0


Version: 1.0
Catch the Coins is a super good physical puzzle games, a picture of the game is very concise, but the game playing can be very high degree!!!!! It is called the Android market is one of the most difficult thing in the game. According to the author's statistics, at present, only 5% of people in no outside help finish all of the 30 levels.
This paragraph is also test you of the intelligence quotient, the game's protagonist is a funny clown, your mission is to help him to collect all the COINS!!!!!
The game is very simple, through the draw lines, good planning board location, determine at the start button after, COINS will fall down, you have to let the position of the board to catch just these COINS, and let the coin rolled the clown's side!
If the word no support, board will also drop down, so you want to change the game kinds of items and terrain;
In addition, the length of wood limited, saving dot with!
The game features
-30 challenging concern;
-the reality and accurate physics engine;
-fine game graphics interface;
-exercising your brain!


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Title:Catch the Coins v1.0


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