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River Test Trilogy v1.0


Version: 1.0
River Test Trilogy is Japan's a job interview IQ Test, it is said that the planet only 10% of the people can pass, and the game appears in most blackberry, now also came to the Android platform.
The game background: some things and people need to cross the river, but the boat one-time loading capacity is limited, need you how to combine all the people and the things can be sent to the other side, of course, the problem of the variations of the IQ is very much.
Three different background and rules:
"Across the river, the trilogy of each song is the same series, the game contains three unique rivers, the leading role is three Irish gold prospectors!!!!!
The first part: rich gold;
Part 2: take girl friend;
Part 3: with a family. (the most difficult)
The third part is the hardest, because have role very much, the most able to test your IQ, next, we will introduce the three part!
Crossing the river regulation: traffic tool only a small boat. Only the father, mother and police can control the boat, in addition, no matter the adult or child, the boat can be at most two people on every time. During the crossing the river, the player will prevent the following three kind of case:
1, when the police and the prisoner apart, the prisoner will hurt a six mouth.
2, when dad saw mother leave daughter, father will teach daughter.
3 and when mom saw dad left her son, my mother will teach son.



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Title:River Test Trilogy v1.0


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