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Goblin Invasion(HD) v1.1.3344


Version: 1.1.3344
After the disaster, all tribes have encountered an unprecedented misfortune. The disaster broke human’s prosperity bubbles, too. Goblin financial groups who were proficient in commercial operation colluded with human traitors to bid up prices to profiteer. Young king impeded an investment ban, which directly cut down Goblin’s profits source. On that day, 5 Goblin trade princes gathered and negotiated how to re-open human kingdom’s door. The final result is war. 
It’s HD Tower Defense game in Android. (See Screenshot) Note: 800*480 or above resolution.
15 fantasy world of adventure;
5 different defense towers;
4 gems that increase defense towers’ distinct attack effect;
Over 10 heroes can impact the entire war;
Over 2 months’ happy time;
Spend your spare time on protecting human kingdom, enjoying the pleasure when you destroy enemies, seeing your perfect defense.



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Title:Goblin Invasion(HD) v1.1.3344


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