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Boulder Dash-The Collection v1.3.1


Version: 1.3.1
The very first Boulder Dash? app ever for Android is a collection of 5 Boulder Dash? games, some sold as in-app purchases, including the well know, much loved, multimillion-unit selling original game from 1984! 4 of the Games (cave packs), new FREE caves & other surprises will be released frequently as updates.
Start with more than 30 caves and 3 levels of difficulty in Boulder Dash?-M.E. Vol. 2 and work back in time with in-app purchases of the other 4 games. Boulder Dash?-M.E. Vol.1, is the first additional cave pack available at launch.
The next 3 packs include caves from: Boulder Dash? Construction Kit? ; Boulder Dash?-Vol. 2; and, finally, the game that started it all -  Boulder Dash?-Vol. 1. These cave packs feature the original retro graphics & all of the caves & difficulty levels available in the original Commodore 64 and Atari 400/800 versions.
    * Online Leaderboards and Achievements on OpenFeint
    * New graphics for the first 2 cave packs
    * Original retro graphics for the last 3 cave packs
    * Frequent FREE updates! (Lots of NEW caves & surprises)
    * Secret bonus caves
    * Classic Mode: Play with game clock
    * Zen Mode: Play without time pressure
    * All of the Classic Boulder Dash? Creatures & Features:
          o Butterflies (spawns 9 diamond when killed)
          o Fireflies (equally nasty and deadly)
          o Amoeba (surround it to create diamonds)
          o Growing walls (watch out-they’ll block your way)
          o Magic Walls (converts boulders into diamonds)
          o Slime (holds objects, but for a while)
          o Push/Grab/Dig Without Moving
    * New Power-Ups & Tools:
          o Bombs (explode upon impact-push or kick ‘em)
          o Hammers (smash boulders)
          o 90° Cave Rotations (shifts gravity)
    * 3 User-Configured Controls
    * Play in Portrait or Landscape
    * Use ‘Pause & Explore’ to plan your next move
    * Multi-Touch, variable Zoom



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Title:Boulder Dash-The Collection v1.3.1


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