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Sprinkle v1.6


Version: 1.6
Sprinkle (super the fire brigade) is a transplant from cisco iOS to Android platform on the recreational game title, in this game, you need to play is similar to the firefighters such a role, you will put out the task of all kinds of fire.
The game's graphics and music is not have to say, just physical characteristics as the foundation, the game can play sex is extremely high.
The game, you need to use installed in the water on the crane to put out the fire, but gun need you adjusted accurately water cannon of height and Angle, and need to remove obstacles, so that it can find water sources, and use the least water to put out the fire.
characteristics game
-the magic water the physical characteristics: this is you see on the Android platform the most realistic water of physical characteristics of the game;
-racking my brains game set: how to to find water source of the recent, and can use the least amount of water, this is a difficult problem;
-all kinds of barriers.
The game is now a NVIDIA Tegra 2 special game, shall be 2.3 and above the system Android support!!!!!
(but not Tegra 2, user can use Chainfire3D tools, also can play.)



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Title:Sprinkle v1.6


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