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Fish Galaxy v1.1


Version: 1.1
Sigma Game team released the first Android andros platform Game "catch Fish interesting Fish Galaxy" has finally launched!
Hope for had been playing tried many [fishing] game players with lovely, frank, variety and new underwater shooting game.
The main character of the pet (fish globefish robot) Fishy love fish, but master Catchy love catch fish. In this game, Catchy goal is to capture many fish in bubble gun, then take them and back to mercury. And with different challenges Fishy always stop you for catching fish. The whole game, you need to know your intelligence and shooting skills to solve all the challenges.
Game play
-click screen injection bubbles, bubbles shot fish are caught;
-the same group of fish catch together, and get an extra gold award;
-to collect all the red sea star will challenge the BOSS battle;
-to collect all the white starfish will obtain the JACKPOT prize opportunities;
-through the catch fish get experience; Upgrade Fishy will kill for technology;
The fish will capture the same-many times to collect all kinds of fish card.
Function characteristics
-full 3 D graphics and 3 D animation;
-42 different kinds of deep sea and freshwater fish;
-six different throughout the back;
-11 kinds of interesting mini games;
-42 fish card for the player to collect;
-two BOSS challenges and a JACKPOT game.



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Title:Fish Galaxy v1.1


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