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Counter Strike Best Gun's v1.0


Version: 1.0
All Counter Strike weapons with real-life images an high quality sounds
CS Guns now available for Android & iPhone !!
This app is made ??for fans of Counter Strike:
? All the weapons of the game in your phone
? Original fire and reload sounds for every weapon
? High quality real-life images of each weapon
★★★★★ List of guns included ★★★★★
- Glock
- USP 45
- 228 Compact
- Desert Eagle
- Five-Seven
- Dual Elite
- M3 shotgun
- M4 shotgun
- MAC-10
- MP5 submachine gun
- UMP 45
- P90
- Galil
- Famas
- Scout
- AK-47
- M4A1
- Krieg 550
- Krieg 552
- Steyr AUG
- D3/AU1
- M249 Machine Gun
★ Equipment of the game included in PRO version:
- HE Grenade
- Smoke Grenade
- Flash Grenade
- Knife
- Kevlar + Helmet protections
- C4 Bomb (Plant the bomb)
- Defuse kit (Defuse the bomb)


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Title:Counter Strike Best Gun's v1.0


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