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The World of Magic v1.3.0


The World of Magic is designed for Android and iOS Com2uS platforms in a massively to launch online game (MMORPG). In this game, you will have the chance to work with the players from all over the world in the same game to play together.
You can custom games armor and weapon equipment, from the definition of your character, create your own guild, and can invite your friends to join his magic in the world.
According to the official introduction, the game combines strategy, role playing and social element, players can choose fighter, the mages, rangers, etc to play any professional, and choose to become blue northrop kingdom or a member of the sears empire. Players can be set to the role of sex, name, hair and hair color, when character and good, the player will be found themselves in a virtual world of magic, and can be together from all over the world swimming team players play, when the player combat can receive experience value, and a cumulative experience value will upgrade roles, get more skills.
What's in this version:
★1.3.0 Updates★
- New 'Sky Castle' map!
: Go to the new map by talking to a NPC in town.
- 20 new monsters!
- 40 new items!
- New Extract, Combine, Enchant, Repair systems
: Introduction of new method to extract items
: New combination system allows you to combine items anytime and anywhere.
: New way to enchant using Gemstone
- Fixed other minor bugs
Spend a wonderful winter with The World of Magic!


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Title:The World of Magic v1.3.0


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