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Babylonian Twins v1.0


Version: 1.0
A pair of twins from Babylon, and Blasir Nasir, in order to find their ancient Iraq a peaceful method, and began to search for the trip. This type of Babylonian Twins, with full of rich Babylon civilization of 2 D drawing style, to show the Blasir Nasir and the two twin brother of exciting adventure. Babylon, Assyria, city, and the palace garden, the Procession street and dark dungeon, is reflected in the double body of the quest of a long and hard, and evil at any time make moves down will sacrifice to stifle their. With the unique ancient and style of the music, to the whole of the game the expressive force of more ascension, let players as if place oneself in the ancient city of Babylon.



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Title:Babylonian Twins v1.0


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