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Stealth Chopper 3D v1.13


Stealth Chopper 3 D also called 3 D invisible combat helicopters this is a helicopter simulated firing a kind of game, the game for the helicopter [black hawk] Stealth aircraft, the game you from a superior command, to beat the enemy tanks, DaBao, aircraft, etc. Stealth aircraft is strong modern war of the aircraft. You must be skilled in its operation, whether in a high speed, or a low flying, and in a short time.
The game play 】
-use touch screen to control the throttle, missiles and artillery.
-use touch screen switch between air-air and empty-to mode.
-use accelerometer to control the pitch and the two.
The game features 】
-all of the use of OpenGL in 60 FPS duel core equipment of 3 D graphics.
-lifelike flight physical.
-three dimensional smoke and explosion.
-many geomorphic type with a different mission.
-Android sole
-free advertising
-any special privileges
-no need to download external resources
-Intiutive simulated flight control
What's in this version:
Stealth Chopper 3D is now MOGA Enhanced!
Available at major US retailers and online at


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Title:Stealth Chopper 3D v1.13


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