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Weaphones: Firearms Simulator v1.9.0

Version: 1.0.2
Weaphones: Firearms Simulator, this game allow you to experience the whole process of operation real pistol, insurance, the palate, lifelike design experience, a series of simple operation allow you to experience the fun of the shooting.
The game features 】
-the real sound;
The physical mechanical weapons-reality;
-an infinite ammo;
-weapons state instructions.

What's in this version : (Updated : Apr 3, 2013)

Three Brand NEW Weaphones And NEW Accessories
NEW Bullpup PDW
3 Body Camouflage Patterns
NEW Flashlight
4 Stock Choices
2 Forend Options
NEW Machine Pistol
Folding Stock
1000 Rounds Per Minute ROF
NEW Shell Ejecting Animations
NEW Bullet Smoke And Sound Effects (Trailing Smoke On Spent Rounds)
NEW Muzzle Smoke Effects (Puff Of Smoke With Every Shot)
Added Accessories To WM-AR4 including 40mm GL


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Title:Weaphones: Firearms Simulator v1.9.0


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