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SILPHEED Alternative AM v1.2.2


Version: 1.2.2
SILPHEED Alternative AM is Android platform on the new out a space flight shooter game. In fact, before the PC and all played on the PS2 this game, now let people very happy is it into the Android platform. And the game screen already changing.
The game background:
In the game, the player will become the new era of a space aircraft pilot, you need to defend the safety of the Milky Way galaxy.
In the future, along with the human the progress of science and technology, human beings have occupied the whole in the Milky Way galaxy most of the planet, but some of the edge area in the Milky Way, still living with some mysterious race, they use humans have been under the jurisdiction of the gap in the Milky Way galaxy of human civilization bother.This time, the human commander found the mysterious race new intrusion direction: the cradle of human civilization-the earth. You'll be driving his own aircraft, join in the defend the earth defensive warfare, can hold off the enemy, it all depends on you.


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Title:SILPHEED Alternative AM v1.2.2


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