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Frontier Gunners v0.10.10


Version: 0.10.10
By the Japanese game company Asobimo development future science fiction style third person "shooter" Frontier Gunners "scheduled to start in the middle of February iOS and Android platform log in, at present the game formula stand have been announced," the source said the ontology is free game sold as to whether have not been bought in that. The Frontier Gunners "development now has been completed, have recently started testing.
This will make a is a support maximum four people online operations TPS (the third person "shooting game, players were in a group called C24 immigration planets, play the recruiting by the mercenaries, will strengthen the body fight with metal equipment under variable extraterrestrial monster intense fighting happened.
Players can complete the task to gain experience, mercenaries are money, credit compensation, and strengthen and tasks of the weapon with promotion system, the world outlook set very grand, from the small amount of development formula stand released figure and characters figure can tell the production level was looking forward to it.
【 note 】 the game needs to be Google account, the game needs to be VPN Settings.



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Title:Frontier Gunners v0.10.10


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