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EndlessWar v1.0


Version: 1.0
EndlessWar, this game is the highlight of the delicate and exquisite picture processing, before the start of the clear pictures of preparation and not make public, aircraft of the selected, the weapon's matching, the choice of the battlefield, all give a person a kind of coups calm feeling. In combat, glaring shooting and explosion effect, gorgeous changeful enemy squad and? Gem of the bullet, with high fidelity quality heavy metal combat background noise, a enjoy the incisively and vividly flight shooting pleasant sensation! The handling of the game is also very simple, battle just a finger drag aircraft, can avoid the launch of the aircraft and the flexible bullets. And customs clearance after victory, whose bounty can also let you of the aircraft and weapons corners has been, and constantly conquer more powerful enemy of outer space.
The game features
-three models to choose the; The models can be divided into three stages upgrade;
-provides four core weapon and 2 kinds of auxiliary weapon;
-visual effect is beautiful; Simple sense sound author: Julia dynamic infinite;
-support OpenFeint player rankings.



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Title:EndlessWar v1.0


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