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Spearfishing PRO v2.0


Version: 2.0
Welcome to the most exciting sea sport adventure!!
If you haven’t experienced spearfishing yet, this is your opportunity!
No need to take any diving gear – The diving mask, air tank, fins and the speargun are already inside.
Be careful! There are predators in the water and if you accidentally shoot them, they will attack you!!
If you are not fast enough, they will eat the fish before you have a chance to spear it.
@ Stunning 3D graphics (coral reefs, various types of fish and predators). Graphics level can be adjusted to high or low
@ Diving /swimming by using a joystick (default) or accelerometer (By tilting your device up/down/sideways)
@ Friendly and easy-to-use controls
@ Tutorial for diving and fishing
@ Air tank which needs to be refilled above water surface (adjustable time interval for refill)
@ First Aid kits to use in case of a shark or a stingray attack
@ 3 difficulty levels to determine the speed of the fish
@ 20 challenge levels with different objectives and a freestyle mode
@ Social media integration - Option to post you score to facebook



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Title:Spearfishing PRO v2.0


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