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Battlefield Tank  v1.4

Battlefield Tank v1.4

Click:0 Time:2014-05-01 08:25:41

Version: 1.4 Description A 3 d tank shooting game to challenge your strategic thinking, aimed tanks and dodging skill. It is located in a small town surrounded by thousands of the enemy tanks, your task is to destroy enemy tanks and get as...

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WH40k: Storm of Vengeance  v1.0

WH40k: Storm of Vengeance v1.0

Click:0 Time:2014-05-01 08:25:04

Version: 1.0 Description Is the latest work of hammer series, before the hammer series may differ, the game focuses on strategy tower direction, even is similar to the famous game plants vs zombies. More exciting is that the game will be cr...

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Smash IT! Adventures  v1.0.3

Smash IT! Adventures v1.0.3

Click:0 Time:2014-05-01 08:24:26

Version: 1.0.3 Description Is a of arcade game. Players will play small hag Agnes, with her nimble fingers from the greed of sticky biological rescued her pussy cat, main test game players finger flexibility, simple game play, the plot is n...

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Motor Bike Racing Pizza 3d  v1.03

Motor Bike Racing Pizza 3d v1.03

Click:0 Time:2014-05-01 08:23:48

Version: 1.03 Description Is a simple and crude motorcycle driving game. Are you a pizza delivery, will drive a motorcycle, the pizza with the fastest speed to send out. The game do is coarser, operation also sensitive too much......

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Sidekick Cycle  v1.1.6

Sidekick Cycle v1.1.6

Click:11 Time:2014-04-30 07:25:44

Version: 1.1.6 Description A charity game. This game is not only a valuable charity project, and it has a very rich entertainment. Cyclists need to ride a bicycle, players control experience difficulties bring children parade of bicycle, th...

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Colony Sweepers  v1.29.00

Colony Sweepers v1.29.00

Click:12 Time:2014-04-30 07:25:02

Version: 1.29.00 Description Show your real strategy, strategic defensive game, made for real strategy game enthusiasts, choosing the right location to build proper defensive towers and the efficiency of the production/consumption of resour...

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Toy Soldiers: Riflemen  v1.3.5

Toy Soldiers: Riflemen v1.3.5

Click:9 Time:2014-04-30 07:24:29

Version: 1.3.5 Description A AR game. The game is very humble, live, can use the camera and then the player controls toy soldiers fighting on the map....

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Mad Moto Racing 2014  v2.4

Mad Moto Racing 2014 v2.4

Click:10 Time:2014-04-30 07:23:30

Version: 2.4 Description Like the feel of motorcycle racing experience? Like away from the bondage of the traffic rules belting along the road? The game can satisfy your desire! Enjoy it ~...

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Stunt Car Challenge  v1.25

Stunt Car Challenge v1.25

Click:45 Time:2014-04-29 12:57:01

Version: 1.25 Description With a theme of stunt car puzzle casual games. Go ahead with amazing stunts, stunt driving car sped on cliffs, or across from the fire, sometimes even to destroy obstacles. Be careful take good care of your car, be...

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Tank No Double  v1.4

Tank No Double v1.4

Click:16 Time:2014-04-29 12:55:00

Version: 1.4 Description A great tank game, the game screen is very real used in special effects on the depth of field and motion blur effects can make the game more wonderful to force, and the effect of the city is very in place of the gam...

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Zombie Car Racing 2  v1.0.2

Zombie Car Racing 2 v1.0.2

Click:20 Time:2014-04-29 12:46:19

Version: 1.0.2 Description A fun shooting game, on the basis of inherit a generation of good quality, the whole game and upgraded. There are many kinds of legends for the origin of the zombies, but are waiting to destroy the legend of the z...

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Battleship War  v1.4

Battleship War v1.4

Click:15 Time:2014-04-28 12:53:58

Version: 1.4 Description A super realistic 3 d battleship games, let you live, real sea in a very limited time to eliminate as many enemies, to complete the task. The game features. - very addictive game - hundreds of thousands of ships sun...

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Scrap Squad  v1.0.2

Scrap Squad v1.0.2

Click:37 Time:2014-04-28 12:53:19

Version: 1.0.2 Description A super has resistance to play puzzle casual games. In the game, players need to feed the drop of junk matches the collection good to own garbage robot. Each some rubbish collection will get some gold COINS, and t...

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Escape The Titanic  v1.0.19

Escape The Titanic v1.0.19

Click:2 Time:2014-04-28 12:52:47

Version: 1.0.19 Description A puzzle adventure game. Gameplay is similar to the classic 100 gates, are solve each room of the little puzzles, and into the next room. Games a total of 50 clever, very challenging!...

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Infinity Diablo  v1.4

Infinity Diablo v1.4

Click:5 Time:2014-04-28 12:46:20

Version: 1.4 Description A made of U3D engine action game. Picture is very beautiful, but there is few game content, let a person feel like a DEMO works. Players only need operation, constantly cut down the skeleton, the skeleton army repel...

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Dark Slash v1.01

Dark Slash v1.01

Click:21 Time:2014-04-27 11:53:39

Version: 1.01 Description A very fun action games. Will become a game, the player into envelop warrior, picked up in the hands of a sword, facing hordes of evil will display your special skills, and slaughtered those demons from hell. The g...

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Fight Till Death  v1.0.9

Fight Till Death v1.0.9

Click:35 Time:2014-04-27 11:48:51

Version: 1.0.9 Description A very hot action games. Hero in the game will have the dragon club ace challenge, eventually could defeat all enemies, and successfully survived. The game features. - the blood of the arcade battle mode - a simpl...

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Bomb Transport 3D  v1.2

Bomb Transport 3D v1.2

Click:26 Time:2014-04-27 11:48:13

Version: 1.2 Description A very distinctive simulation parking casual games. S time to go back to war, your task is dangerous in a war zone of transport all kinds of shells, the comrades victory to the front, you can do is sending shells to...

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