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GoldenDict v1.4.1


Requirements: Android 1.5+
Overview: The fastest and most multi-format dictionary app on the market.
Fully supports Lingvo, Babylon, StarDict, Lingoes and Dictd dictionary files. Articles shown with full formatting, colors, images and sounds. Lookups are blazing fast. You can now carry all the dictionaries you want together with you on your Android device!

Note: the app is a shell and comes with no dictionaries, much like a music player does not come with music. You use the files you already have, or the ones you can get on the internet.

This is the paid version, with no ads and unlimited dictionaries. There's also a free version available - try it out first before purchasing this one.

Supported formats:

* Lingoes .LD2 files
* Babylon .BGL files
* ABBYY Lingvo .LSD, .DSL, .LSA and .DAT files
* StarDict files
* Dictd files
* Hunspell .AFF/.DIC morphology files

Just copy those files on your SD card, in the GoldenDict directory!


* All content is shown in full formatting, with images and sounds. We don't compromise on quality.
* It's fast. It flies when you have a dozen of dictionaries, and can handle hundreds of dictionaries simultaneously fairly well, too.
* The program will understand your typing no matter how you do it - forget about diacritics, case or punctuation!
* In-program popup mode is supported. Configure your e-book reader to use "ColorDict 3" as your dictionary interface, and GoldenDict will pop up.
* Translating from clipboard is easy - just press and hold "Search" button on your device!


* WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - to create index files for your dictionaries
* WAKE_LOCK - to ensure you phone doesn't sleep while indexing is in progress (it's a one-time operation)
* READ_PHONE_STATE - for license check.

This is a full, paid version. It has no ads and can support an unlimited amount of dictionaries! If you need to test-drive the program, either try the free version first, or just purchase this paid version now and then ask for a refund within two weeks (see below).

SUPPORT AND REFUNDS: If you have any difficulty or problem, instead of leaving a negative review, write an email to [email protected], and we'll sort out everything. Every customer is entitled to an extended full refund within two weeks from the day of purchase, no questions asked. To get a refund, just write an email to [email protected] telling us so. Enjoy!

What's in this version:
1.4.1: Minor bugfixes.
1.4.0: Language pair is now automatically swapped depending on the input word when languages use different alphabets (105 languages and 28 alphabets recognized). External SD cards are now used automatically (place your dictionaries in the GoldenDict directory there). Dictionaries from installed ABBYY Lingvo are now imported automatically. New audio icon.

* Remove previous version of GoldenDict (Clean Data/Cache)
1. Install GoldenDict v1.4.1 (Don't run)
2. Install LuckyPatcher v1.1.9
3. Put (from the archive) to /sdcard/LuckyPatcher folder which will appear on your devices.
4. Run LuckyPatcher, long tap on GoldenDict v1.4.1 and select "Custom patch!"
5. Run GoldenDict and enjoy

Credits to orion2011



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Title:GoldenDict v1.4.1


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