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ADW.Launcher v1.1.1



.New preferences to restart ADW or reset ADW settings
.Changed screen cache option into a list to select the desired quality. If you use scrollable  widgets this can help reducing errors
.New option to disable wallpaper scrolling Dockbar items now can be dragged out the dockbar instead just deleted (I mean DOCKBAR no ACTIONBUTTONS)
.New options to force a specified orientation (between sensor/portrait/landscape)
.Themes now can use a custom font for desktop shortcuts, app drawer and normal folders.
.Themes now can use a new IconShader class thanks to kaydensigh!!!(read below)
.New custom “App Catalogs” thanks to seast!!! (read below)
.New “custom shortcut” option inside “add” menu (read below)
.New “Screens editor” like Samsung’s TWLauncher (read below)


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Title:ADW.Launcher v1.1.1


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