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Launch-X Pro v1.7.0


Version: 1.7.0
Launch-X Pro v1.7.0 for Android, free android themes, htc android themes free:
Create powerful widgets for your homescreen with Launch-X! *NEW*: create also SCROLLABLE widgets!
Launch-X features various customizable configurations to allow very quick access to your favorite applications, contacts or generic shortcuts.
With Launch-X you can maximize the usage of your homescreen space. In fact, instead of having the '4 icons on each row' limitation of the stock Launchers, you can put much, much more in the same space!
There are several configurations options available in Launch-X that let you build a widget that best suits your needs. For example, you can create a widget with multiple screens that contains over 40, 50, 100, or more shortcuts! You can even create scrollable widgets in which you can basically put an unlimited number of items!
You can also decide that you prefer not to use the multi-screens feature, and instead keep a more clean single screen with up to 28 items (4 rows, with 7 icons each).



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Title:Launch-X Pro v1.7.0


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