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Battery Monitor Widget v0.9.9.4


Battery widget showing capactity, charge/discharge (mA & mW), voltage and temperature.
Shows %, temperature and mA in status bar using external packages.
Shows and saves history, shows scrollable/zoomable graphics, long-press for full-screen.
Triggers alarm base on battery full/charged/half or voltage and temperature levels.
To get battery %/mA/temp in status bar, go to settings, notification and alarms then select icon type 'external package'.
Lowest battery consumption on the market! Collects more data for less CPU usage! Check screenshot and try it for yourself! 10000+ happy users :)
If you want only the notification icons/alarms, you can disable the graphics and history to reduce consumption even more!
Recommended by Motorola support team!
Not all phones supported:
- mA data may be desynchronized and/or estimated
- Some data may not be reported at all


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