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SiMi Clock Widget v2.2.2


Version: 2.2.2
SiMi Clock Widget v2.2.2 for Android, free android themes, free android widgets:
This is a simple minimal Clock Widget. Available size 2x1 3x1,4x1 and 5x1 (Galaxy Tab).
!!! If you have a Taskmanager running please exclude SiMi Clock !!!
Time Settings
* Textsize
* Textcolor
* Predifined Timeformat
* User defined Timeformats
Date Settings
* Textsize
* Textcolor
* Predefined Datefromats
* User defined Dateformat
Background Settings
* Color
Weather Settings
* Hide/Show
* Textcolor
* Symbolcolor
* Location aware
* Fixed Location
* Show Location
Battery Settings
* Hide/Show
* TextColor
* Circel will fade based on Battery Level
Tap Launcher
* Left,Right and Weather Tap Launcher
* 5 Apps per Launcher
* Single Tap to start App
* Disable Tap



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