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Blux AS Theme v1.0


Version: 1.0
!!!Latest version of GO Launcher EX is required!!!
!!!Install GO Launcher first to apply the theme!!!
=We have released a cool theme with 120 ICONS & 10 WALLPICS=
=Please search: Sizone , Get it now!=
A brand new theme pack designed by ZT Art for GO Launcher EX, the most popular home replacement application for Android system.
This is another version of Blux.
New wallpaper and colors!
Metal dock and folder style!
More themed icons!(More will be added in next version!)
Why I dont upgrade Blux directly?
1.Some friends may still love the elements style in Blux1.0.
2.I have another plan for Blux1.0's upgrade.
3.I hope more people can pick what they like by themselves.
You may download Blux and AS, using each other's wallpaper and icons. ^^
More icons will be added in next version! Plz let me know what icons you want.
Thank you for enjoying this theme.
Get the latest version at first time if you email me!
1. Latest version of GO Launcher EX is required. (Search "GO Launcher EX" to download)
2. To apply the theme: MENU> preferences> theme preferences
Attention: It will set your wallpaper automatically.



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Title:Blux AS Theme v1.0


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