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Claystone Launcher beta v0.9.2395


Version: 0.9.2395
With Claystone, we’ve worked hard to develop a launcher that allows you to not only access and discover outstanding content, but also enjoy it within our innovative panel-based navigation system.
<strong>A New Way to Navigate Android</strong>
Claystone's home screen experience is designed around panels of content that are grouped and organized into stacks. By tapping the stack icon in the middle of the launch bar, you’re presented a 3D overview of your open panels that allows you to easily navigate amidst a wealth of integrated media, including: photos, videos, news feeds, and more.
With Claystone, we’ve done our best to ensure Android users spend less time switching being apps and more time enjoying their content.
<strong>Claystone: Customized</strong>
In addition to our exclusive navigation system and top-tier content, we’ve also designed Claystone to be configurable to your interests.
By pressing your device’s ‘Menu’ button and tapping ‘Preferences’, you’ll have immediate access to a host of customization options, setting everything from the # of YouTube search results to the speed in which panel animations occur on-screen.



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