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GO Launcher EX v2.77


Version: 2.77
The function of software:
-support the use of and replacement theme (through the search "GO desktop theme" download more theme)
-support screens effects (desktop Settings-display Settings-switching the special effects)
-convenient icon operation menu (desktop long press icon)
-menu folder and support close running process (long press icon to the edit mode)
-support custom gestures operation (support desktop and article quick icon)
-can support a sliding desktop components and adjust the small size small parts
V2.76 update:
1. (new function) mobile desktop ICONS and small parts show identification grid
2. (optimal) with automatic popup list after folder editor, can quickly add application into the folder
3. (optimal) adjustment in the desktop setup options to sort and description
4. (optimal) desktop lock after editing, do not edit folder icon
5. (optimal) update copywriter and link sharing function (please help us GO desktop to a share at Po)


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